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How To: Use Simpress Moulds On Tall Cakes


We all know how Marvelous Molds’ simpress moulds can completely transform your cake tiers with their stunning range of designs, but did you know you can also use them to decorate tall cake tiers? 

Even though your average simpress mould measures approximately 7” x 4”, the majority of cake decorators tend to gravitate towards using the mould horizontally. But, Chef Dominic has been kind enough to demonstrate just how easy it is to cover cakes taller than 4” high.

See how it’s done in the video demonstration, or take a look at our step-by-step guide below.


How To: Use Simpress Moulds On Tall Cakes

Step 1: Begin by applying your sugarpaste to the mould as your normally would, making sure it is pushed in firmly to every groove and all the way to the edges. Then, carefully remove from your design from the mould. TOP TIP: lightly dust your mould with corn flour to ensure an easy release and minimise sticking.


Step 2: Fold down the tips/corners of the mould so the top of the design is horizontal. This will help to shape the sugarpaste together later.












Step 3: Trim the top and bottom of your sugarpaste to ensure clean, straight lines. Then, repeat steps one and two with more sugarpaste.


Step 4: Place both designs adjacent to one another to ensure they are the same height. Trim as necessary. 












Step 5: Flip the second design upside down and begin merging the designs together. Use a modelling tool to manipulate the sugarpaste and disguise any gaps. 












Step 6: Repeat the process and continue adding more sections until your cake is fully complete.













Although it works amazing with the new Rosette Ruffle Mould,  this technique works perfectly with any other simpress mould design you plan to use. For example, the same effect can be achieved with the Scrunch Ruffle Mould.



And just look at the gorgeous results!



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