Sketch Stencils


Pick out a design, choose your icing, and sketch!


What are Sketch Stencils?

Simple to use, and available in a range of different themes, these stencils allow an easy transfer of your chosen design to your cakes.

Designs available vary from birthday messages, wedding themes and Christmas decorations. They’re also available in a small or large size – perfect for whatever cakey creations you’re cooking up in the kitchen, from small birthday cakes to large wedding cake tiers. What’s even better about these stencils is that they’re super cost-effective, as they can be wiped clean and re-used time and time again!

Designs include ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Wedding Day’, It’s a Boy’, ‘It’s a Girl’, ‘Love’ and more.  View our entire range of stencils here.

Now, for the icing!

Francesca Speranza’s Sketch Colour really is the icing on the cake. It has been specially designed and perfected to use with Sketch Colour Cake Stencils. It comprises of an extremely thin and smooth texture that allows for the icing to pass through every groove, pattern and edge.

It is ready to use straight from the bottle, just simply smooth a thin, even layer over your stencil design using a palette knife, ensuring all areas are covered and voila!

We have both black and white sketch colour icing available – perfect for so many designs. Why not try out the white sketch colour for elegant birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, christening cakes and wedding cakes? Or, if you prefer black icing for your stencils, why not have a go at adding some stencil designs to novelty cakes, bold birthday cakes, Halloween cakes, or display cakes required to make a powerful impact!

How does it work?

  1. Place your sketch stencil in the correct position ready for decorating by attaching it to your cake using pins. Position the canvas with the rough side towards the bottom.
  2. Use a roller or spatula to pass your royal icing or edible paint through the sketch onto your cake. Ensure you have worked over the entire design. Tip: it also helps to use a soft sponge afterwards to lightly smooth over the icing and ensure the design is fully covered.
  3. Carefully remove the sketch stencil from your cake. For best results, pull gently from one of the top corners of the stencil.
  4. Now your sketch has been perfectly transferred, add colours and extra detailing to your design to give your creation the perfect finishing touches!


Check out this short video demonstration below.


Eager to get started? Dive straight in and order our Sketch Colour Starter Kit!

The kit includes your choice of stencil design, size and icing for a special discounted price!

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