Introducing a brand new, premium quality velvet sugarpaste…

SmartFlex’s Velvet Sugarpaste is both firm and flexible, allowing you to cover your cakes to a professional standard with ease. 

The sugarpaste consists of a smooth, silky feel that is both extremely elastic and structurally sturdy at the same time. It really is the best of both worlds, allowing you to create the most difficult shapes and designs with minimal effort. It’s also ideal for those who have warm hands that need a firmer formula to work with, and for using in moulds and onlays. 

Not only that, you can be sure of no cracking, sticking, or the dreaded ‘elephant skin’ that is so common with many sugarpastes. The best part is, it rolls much thinner than your average sugarpaste, making it longer-lasting and super cost-effective. Seriously, what’s not to love?

As well as sugarpaste, we also have SmartFlex’s White Flower Paste available on our website. Similarly to the sugarpaste, it comprises of a smooth velvety feel that is both firm and flexible – perfect to shape and roll when making sugar flowers, models, figurines and precision decoration works. Also, the material dries out quickly, allowing your decorations to maintain amazing shape, even in high-temperature environments.

Why not give it a try yourself? We’re confident that you’ll be amazed with the results!

See what we’re talking about in the video below!


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