Keep your cake decorating areas and surfaces pristine with this brand new anti-bac kitchen surface cleaner, Steribac!

Steribac is a powerful, non-tainting, food-safe surface cleaner and degreaser that is perfect for bakers, cake artists and anyone who handles and prepares food for the public on a regular basis. 

Killing 99.999% of bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli, Steribac is perfect for the food industry, whether it’s for use at home or in a bakery or restaurant. It’s also environmentally friendly!

What makes Steribac a huge competitor amongst its range is its 30 second average contact time. On average, an anti-bac surface cleaner would suggest waiting a minimum of four minutes before using the surface, but with Steribac you can get back to work after just 30 seconds! This is super ideal for the food industry, especially during busy periods in restaurants and bakeries.

Spray onto the surface. Leave for 10-30 seconds contact time for biocidal action. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Allow to air dry. Being a stronger solution for professional use, we recommend wearing gloves during use.

Great for cleaning up spilt edible paints, stubborn airbrush colours, sticky fillings and icings, melted chocolate and flour/icing sugar explosions.

Steribac is available in 750ml bottles, or tubs of 5L – plenty for even the messiest of bakers!


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