Summer 2022 Cake Trends Taking the Baking World by Storm!

Every time we open Instagram, we’re blown away by the talented bakers and cake decorators in our community! But not only that – we get a front row seat to the cake trends taking the baking world by storm! 2022 has really shown how creative the art-form is, with trends leading to cakes almost too pretty to eat.

So today we’re rounding up five of the most popular cake trends of the moment! Get ready to fall head over heels for some of the STUNNING images we have to share. Irresistible inspo incoming…

Summer 2022 Cake Trends…



We can confirm, the Lambeth style that has proven so popular over the last year is not going anywhere yet. This classic is showing some serious staying power!

And it’s hardly a surprise – the vintage vibes are iconic. The highly detailed over-piping creates a spectacular finish worthy of any masterpiece. Watching an expert cake maker flawlessly put one of these cakes together is so satisfying.

Aside from the vintage feel, there’s a definite retro vibe associated with these cakes. It’s that unique brand of “tacky kitsch” that often divides opinion! Personally? We can’t get enough!

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Personalisation never goes out of style! Adding slogans is one of the cake trends on the rise this summer, with that tongue-in-cheek, meme like feel winning fans everywhere.

Slogan cakes can be funny, but they can also be really cute, and they are an easy way to make your cake stand out. Whether you’re adding a quote from an iconic film, a pun about the event you’re baking for, or even just a sweet message alongside the person’s name, what better way to say it than with icing?!

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Inspired by impressionist painters like Monet, palette knife decorating is taking the cake world by storm. And we are in full support of it! 

This style is all about texture. It kicks perfectionism to the kerb, favouring broad strokes creating movement and depth. The beauty of this style is how abstract it is – you really can let your imagination go wild and create something entirely unique! Try layering different colours here for an extra eye-catching effect.



Old school tray bakes are having a moment! And who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

We’re seeing lots of talented bakers putting a new spin on the classic sheet cake! The magic is in the decorating. The right finishing touches take them from simple to show-stopping! Tying in with another trend, tray bakes like brownies and blondies make an excellent addition to a pretty treat box! When you think cake trends, treat boxes don’t always spring to mind, but don’t overlook them – they’re a great option for mixing things up!

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The only thing better than a chocolate bar is a super-cute chocolate bar – and we’ve seen no shortage of those lately!

With so many delicious chocolate drops and bold candy melts available now, it’s easier than ever to create your own bars. Swirl different colours together for a beautiful marbled effect, or create an eye catching mix of vibrant and pastel tones.

And once you have the shape down, it’s all about the decorating! From edible dusts and glitters, to sprinkles, edible flowers and more, this is one cake trend you’ll always be able to put a new spin on!


Which of these cake trends are you going to try first? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CakeDecFamous when you share the final result. We can’t wait to see!

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