Summer Sizzler: Trendy Spending


If you haven’t heard about our Summer Sizzler sale turning up the heat this week, where have you been?! We’re offering up to 20% off everything* on our website, making it our biggest blanket discount ever! 

With the higher spends you can knock a huge chunk off your basket total, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on those essentials or treat yourself to those pricier items you’ve had your eye on. It’s also the perfect time to try out all the latest trends in the cake decorating universe by bagging some of our newer products before they’re gone!

What’s new? you ask. Let us inspire with some of our new favourites below.


*Offer discludes Agbay cutters and sale items. Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Valid until Midnight Friday 12th July.


Geometric Cakes

Geometric cakes are bang on trend this year, especially hexagonal decorations and shaped tiers. We’ve recently had some brand new hexagon shaped drum boards – perfect for supporting those geometric-inspired cake tiers as well as blending in well with the overall design. 

These hexagon boards are referred to as ‘drum boards’, being the strongest type of cake board and measuring 0.5” thick. We also have them available in various sizes, from 4” to 16” wide, to cater to any six-sided masterpiece you have planned. But how much can you save? We did some maths for you, so you can see a breakdown of our Summer Sizzler discounts!


WAS FROM £1.45
NOW FROM £1.16


A 12” hexagon drum board currently retails at £2.45 on our website, but if you manage to run up the higher spends during our Summer Sizzler sale, you’ll be spending…

£2.20 (when spending £75 or more)

£2.08 (when spending £100 or more)

and just £1.96 (when spending £200 or more) – that’s one free board for every five you order!


Ruffles Galore!

It’s wedding cake season, ruffles are right on trend, and this rosette ruffle mould has been one of our best-sellers over the last few months, constantly flying in and out of stock. And, we expect them to be gone again soon with our Summer Sizzler sale turning up the heat.

The Rosette Ruffle mould from Marvelous Molds allows the formation of an exquisitely detailed rosette design, resembling a formation of beautiful English roses in a ruffled arrangement. Of course the texture and design is perfect for wedding cake designs, especially with a summer theme, but it’s also an elegant choice for other bakes, including pretty birthday designs, anniversaries, engagement cakes and so much more. Whatever the occasion or event, the finished result looks amazing; you’ll truly have friends and family forever wondering how you pulled it off.

Was £25.95
NOW FROM £20.76


The Simpress range of moulds has been designed specifically so that you can add them to a crumb coated cake, eliminating the need to cover it in sugarpaste first, ensuring you get exactly the right amount of sugarpaste covering the outside of your crumb coated cake. This results in a great looking cake, as well as a delicious one! And it gets better, with the higher spends on our Summer Sizzler sale, you could be saving a considerable amount to put towards your cake projects.

Currently retailing at £25.95 on our website, the Rosette Ruffle mould can be purchased for just….

£23.36 when spending £75 or more,

£22.06 when spending £100 or more,

Or just £20.76 when spending £200 or more, saving you over £5.



Add Some Magic!

With these cookbooks, you can get inspired with hundreds of cake ideas. Make waves in your kitchen and create a feast fit for a mermaid, or decorate with an abundance of glitter to create your ultimate unicorn foodie experience.

Both books, written by Alix Carey, invite you into the magical realm of unicorns and mermaids – a massive cake trend this year and it’s easy to see why!

Alix Carey is a baking enthusiast from Surrey and the author behind food blog and Instagram account My Kitchen Drawer, launched in 2015. Follow her baking journey through colourful and fun recipes, baking advice, reviews and general kitchen-life musings.


WAS £10.95 EACH
NOW FROM £8.76

Better yet, both books are included in our Summer Sizzler sale, so you can save a considerable amount if you’re filling your basket and aiming for the higher discounts. Currently retailing at £10.95, our Summer Sizzler sale brings these dazzling cookbooks down to…

£9.86 when spending £75 or more,

£9.31 when spending £100 or more,

and just £8.76 when spending £200 or more – a bargain price for the hundreds of magical masterpieces you’re yet to create!




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