If you like THE SUGAR PASTE™... chances are you’ll LOVE THE FLOWER PASTE™.

Venture into the art of sugar floristry with our new favourite flower paste, THE FLOWER PASTE.

THE FLOWER PASTE really raises the standard for flower pastes everywhere, maintaining a firm yet flexible consistency, with a quality velvety smooth feel. It rolls extremely thin without cracking or tearing, meaning a little goes a long way.

The combination of firmness and stretchiness makes it the ideal flower paste for cake artists with warm hands, whether it’s rolling, shaping, cutting or using in moulds.

It also works great in hot environments, maintaining its elasticity without drying out too quickly. There’s plenty of time to get creative with THE FLOWER PASTE, so take your time to perfect those all-important finishing details.

And better yet, once set, it maintains amazing shape.

Currently on offer from just £1.50, THE FLOWER PASTE™ is the perfect ratio of cost and quality. So, what exactly are you getting for your buck?



✔ Velvety smooth feel

✔ Rolls thin without tearing

✔ Firm and flexible

✔ Super stretchy

✔ Great for modelling complex shapes & decor

✔ Doesn’t dry out too quickly

✔ Maintains amazing shape

✔ Isn’t fazed by hot environments

✔ Perfect for sugar artists with warm hands





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