THE SUGAR PASTE™ – Now Cheaper Than Supermarket Brands!


If you like THE SUGAR PASTE™, you’ll love our weekly offer.

With our current sale prices, TSP works out cheaper than supermarket brands – with heaps more quality, of course! It’s the perfect time to stock up and be prepared for all of your upcoming cake projects. Or, if you’re yet to try it out, there’s never been a better time! Especially whilst THE SUGAR PASTE™ is the cheapest in all the land! Don’t believe us? We’ve done the math to prove it!

Due to the elasticity of THE SUGAR PASTE™, only 750g is needed to cover a 9” round cake, compared to the other brands above which claim you’d need 1kg. This is why our price works out much cheaper! 

Let’s see just how much you’re saving!

These prices are based on the 6kg boxes of THE SUGAR PASTE™, currently on sale for £16.99. This works out at £2.83 per kg. The difference though, is you use so much less than supermarket brands, making it cheaper overall to cover your cakes. For busy cake decorators and professional cake artists, you know how quickly these prices add up!

And, if you’re calorie conscious, our calculations suggest THE SUGAR PASTE™ contains 70kcal less than other brands (per 9” cake). That’s the size of a fun size Milky Way!


Not swayed by the price alone?

If we haven’t swayed you with our amazing offer prices, let us tell you more about the quality for your buck. Here are some things we love about THE SUGAR PASTE™.

Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the performance
Recyclable Packaging – even the plastic
No elephant skin or tearing – just consistent, professional, flawless results
Amazing workability – saving time, effort and worry
Elasticity – it rolls thin so you use less and spend less!
✓ Packaged in 1kg packs to maintain freshness
✓ Halal & Kosher Certified
✓ Gluten Free & Dairy Free
✓ Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans



Take advantage of our sale prices!



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