The Pro Froster


Produce flawlessly iced cakes with this brand new revolutionary cake scraper, The Pro Froster.

The Pro Froster is an adjustable cake scraper that enables easy application of frosting and buttercream. With this scraper you can create ultra clean and sharp edges to a professional standard. It’s never been quicker or easier to get perfect results!

Made from FDA plastic, this scraper is strong, durable and dishwasher safe. It’s also available in Pink or Blue.


How does it work?

See the video below for a quick demonstration.



What can I use with The Pro Froster?

The Pro Froster is the holy grail of cake decorating right now, ideal for frosting with royal icing, buttercream, ganache, fresh cream and more.


Can I use The Pro Froster on square cakes?

The Pro Froster can frost both round and square tiers, ensuring crisp and clean edges. You’ll wonder how you ever coped before!


Will The Pro Froster work for tall cakes?

The Pro Froster can frost up to an 8″ high cakes, both round and square tiers, so it’s perfect for larger tiers and double barrelled cakes.


How do I assemble?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. See below for some step-by-step instructions.



Ready for some smooth-as-silk finishes on your cakes? Frost like a pro. 



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