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‘Tropical Vibes’ Watermelon Cake Tutorial by Emily Coyle


Say a big watermelon sugar ‘hi’ to this fabulous cake design by Emily Coyle of Cake Cream.

Emily has kindly shared with us her step-by-step guide so you can recreate your own version and get the ultimate tropical vibes in cakey form this summer!

Step 1: Cake Cream

Ingredients Needed

200g Cake Cream (Swiss Meringue Buttercream) 200g
125ml Warm Water
227g Softened Butter



1. Add your Cake Cream and warm water to a mixer with a whisk attachment and mix at high speed.


2. Whisk till thickened then add your softened butter and continue to whisk on high speed.


3. It will look curdled at first but keep mixing and your mix will become smooth and thick.



Step 2: Acetate

1. Measure your cake height once crumb coated allowing an extra cm.
2. Mark a sheet of acetate with an edible Marker.
3. Cut your acetate and make sure you have enough acetate to wrap around your cake. If not you can sellotape two strips together.


4. Print off a pattern from online and place under your acetate. Pipe a small bit of Cake Cream under the acetate in the corners to stick it down to your paper design.


5. Pipe your pattern onto your acetate using your different Cake Cream Colours making sure to leave no gaps between the colours.
6. Fill in your background colour carefully making sure not to smudge your design. Lift up a corner gently to make sure there are no gaps in your design.
7. Cut the bottom of your paper so it is flush with your acetate.

8. Carefully lift your acetate up with the paper and wrap around your cake and remove the paper. Make sure that it sits flush with the bottom of your cake.
9. Use a smoother to help smooth and adhere the Cake Cream to your cake.

10. Using scissors, cut away the excess so it lines up nicely.
11. Using a pallet knife scrape away any excess Cake cream from the top of your acetate.


12. Fill in the top of your cake with Cake cream and smooth.
13. Set your cake in fridge for at least 30 minutes or until your Cake Cream is set firm then remove the acetate carefully.
14. Smooth the top further if required.



Step 3: Tropical Leaves

1. Use a small bit of sticky sugarpaste to remove your Sweet Stamp pieces.
2. Use your Sweet Stamp Pick up pad and press down on your sweet stamp to secure it.
3. Press your sweet stamp onto your cake covered in sugar paste and have fun creating your design!
4. Paint in your Design using Edible art Paints and Your Sweet stamp brushes. Mix with dipping solution to dilute your paints and create a water colour effect.

5. Paint in your desired background colour .
6. For an added dimension, roll our some sugarpaste and emboss with your sweet stamp.
7. Cut around your design and paint in to match.
8. Add your cut outs to your design using edible glue to stick.



Step 4: Canvas Topper

1. Roll our some sugarpaste about 3mm deep. Cut out your shape for your blank canvas topper using the Blank canvas cutter.

2. Wet your Blank Canvas Topper and gently pick up and lay your sugar paste on.

3. Select your letters from your Sweet Stamp set and position onto your topper as desired. If you are short a letter just leave the space for it. Use your Large Pick up to press your letters and emboss your sugar paste.
4. Press in any letters where you where short individually.

5. Dilute Edible art paints in red and green with dipping solution and start to dab your colour on starting with red in the middle then pink and out to green.
6. Using Black Edible Art Paint, carefully paint in your letters and leave to dry.

7. Once dry, push into your cake.


Aaand you’re done! A perfect Watermelon Cake, worth of any tropical themed party.