Weddings 2 Collaboration

For those of you who were unable to attend Cake International at the NEC last month, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on this fabulous collaboration, Weddings 2.

The Weddings 2 Collaboration was a homage to The Posh Frock Shop, as seen on Channel 4 last year. The show followed multi-award-winning wedding dress designer, Ian Stuart, and his team at his opulent Blewcoat Store in London.

The collaboration featured a collection of incredible cake designs, inspired by Ian Stuart gowns, which were displayed at Cake International. We headline sponsored the event, consisting of over 40 famous cake artists that proudly opened a sugar version of the iconic London Boutique.

Here’s a taster of what went down, as well as a selection of our favourites from the day!


Angie Harris – Cake Artist

Angie Harris is a multi-award winning cake artist, specialising in large, mechanical and projection cakes for corporate and the events industry. For the collaboration, Angie created Chi Chi the Chihuahua, from an episode of The Posh Frock Shop in which little Chi Chi was in search of her perfect wedding dress for her £20,000 wedding!

To create this masterpiece, Angie used Massa Ticino’s Sugarpaste, Confectionery Art’s Gumpaste, the Cake Lace Floral Fern Mat, Original White Cake Lace Mix, Choctastique Modelling Chocolate and Marvelous Mold’s Fur Embossing Mat.


For Heaven’s Cakes by Bobbie

Bobbie-Anne’s is a multi-award-winning and magazine-featured cake artist. She is the owner of Heaven’s Cake by Bobbie-Anne, based in the Lincolnshire countryside. Bobbie-Anne’s cake is based on Ian Stuart’s Antoinette dress from the Revolution Rocks collection. To create it, she used Massa Ticino Sugarpaste in Ivory, the Cake Lace Fishnet Mat, Pearlised Soft Gold Cake Lace Mix, Roxy & Rich’s Sparkle Dusts, Confectionery Art’s Gumpaste, Choctastique Modelling Chocolate and Karen Davies’ Art Deco Motif Mould.


Calli Creations

Calli has 9 years experience in cake decorating and specialises in hand-painted sugar art. She has won countless awards including Cake Artist of the Year at The Cake Masters Awards in 2015. Calli creations has become a well-known figure in the cake decorating universe, with over 90,000 followers on Facebook. She became an ambassador for Saracino back in 2017 alongside teaching classes in the UK, US and Australia.

For the Weddings 2 collaboration, Calli was influenced by The Enchanted Garden Mother of the Bride dress, from the Move Over Darling collection. To create it, Calli used Saracino modelling paste provided by ourselves.


Daniel Dieguez – Cake Artist

Daniel Dieguez, a postgraduate in Pedagogic Attitude and Master in contemporary art, is also a graduate in Fine Arts having completed his final degree project at Kingston University.

Daniel specialises in 3D monumental wedding and celebration cakes, as well as chocolate sculpture. To show off his skills for the collaboration, Daniel produced a cake based on an Ian Stuart Christmas card design, drawn by Ian Stuart. To make this 1m tall masterpiece, we provided Daniel with some must-haves including Massa Ticino Sugarpaste, Confectionery Arts Gumpaste, the Cake Lace Fishnet Mat, the Cake Lace Floral Fern Mat, and Original White Cake Lace Mix.


Studio 8 Cakes – Geraldine Cheng Chui

Gerry is a multi-award winning professional Liverpool-based baker and cake decorator who launched her highly successful business, Studio8 Cakes in 2013. Gerry specialises in making 3D novelty cakes for which she has won five gold awards at Cake International since her first entry in 2013.

Gerry is a long-standing Cake Lace ambassador and known for taking edible lace and using it in non-traditional ways, hoping to inspire others to do the same.

To create her beautiful Ian Stuart-inspired bake, we provided Gerry with some of her favourites, including THE SUGAR PASTE, SmartFlex Flower Paste, Roxy & Rich’s Lustre Dusts, Cake Lace Tiffany Mat, Cake Lace Fishnet Mat and Cake Lace Powder Pink Pearlised Mix.


Lara Mason Cake Art

Lara is renowned for her lifesize and realistic cakes, for which she has won countless awards and accolades for. Her work has gained her coverage on various TV shows including This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Lorraine, Loose Women, The Today Show and many more.

As you can see, for the collaboration, Lara based her cake on Ian Stuart himself, from a picture taken during the cake decorators inspiration visit to his Blewcoat Boutique. To perfect the details, we sent over some essentials for Lara to complete her project. Lara used Massa Ticino Sugarpaste, Choctastique Modelling Chocolate and Spectrum Flow Skin Tone Airbrush Colours.


VS Cakes – Mish Patterson

Mish Patterson was the leader of this incredible project, bringing together countless contacts of top cake decorators and suppliers to pull off a successful and rememberable collaboration.

For her own cake, Mish was inspired by a Mother of the Bride dress from the Move Over Darling collection. To perfect the look, Mish used: Massa Ticino Sugarpaste in Bride White and Pitch Black, SmartFlex Flower Paste, Confectionery Art’s Gumpaste, Roxy & Rich’s Hybrid Sparkle Dusts and Hybrid Lustre Dusts, the Cake Lace Fantasy Flowers Mat, Cake Lace Black Mix and Magic Colours’ Pro Gels.

Zoe Clark

Zoe acquired a passion for baking and cake decorating at an early age, and after making her own wedding cake in 2005, she decided to turn her passion into a profession. In 2006, Zoe moved to London from Australia, with the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s leading cake designers, before setting up her own cake decorating business.

Known for their unique and elegant style, Zoe’s cakes frequently feature in international sugarcraft and bridal titles. As a leading wedding cake designer, Zoe shares her knowledge through hands-on classes and her best-selling books and publications, where she continues to inspire through her passion for edible art.

Zoe based her cake on Ian Stuart’s Bluebell Gown, using Faye Cahill Lustre Dusts and our very own Acrylic Separators for an absolutely breathtaking result. You can also download a free tutorial on how to recreate this cake, available here.

Inspired by some of the other cakes? Download the entire Weddings 2 Booklet to see all the designs featured and products used.


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