Cakes by Ximena

Ximena has a stunning range of moulds and cutters designed and created by herself, all of which have a distinctive and memorable style and panache about them.

The gorgeous range of 3D cutters will have you creating the most unbelievable toppers for your cakes. Choose from the 3D Large Victorian Cradle Cutter Set, the 3D Rocking Horse Cutters Set, the 3D Small Rocking Bed Cutter Set or the 3D Charming Carriage Pram Cutter and Mould Set. Each set comes with full instructions on how to create these stunning toppers from gumpaste.

Why not make the tiniest pair of adorable baby Crocs out of gumpaste to adorn the top of a baby shower, Christening or first birthday cake? You can change the colour of your paste to suit the occasion, making these the perfect little cake toppers.

With Ximena’s versatile baby head mould, you will be able to make a detailed baby or toddler and personalise it by painting colours to suit the occasion. If you’d like to keep a memento of the occasion, you could also use other non-edible materials with the mould such as polymer clay!

And these aren’t all that Ximena has in store! Browse the entire collection below for a range of equipment that will prepare you for almost any new baby celebration cake decorating - be it a boy or a girl!

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