Designer Stencils

Designer Stencils have been designing original, pre-cut stencils for over 30 years. Cut from 10mm food grade plastic, these baking stencils can help you easily achieve beautiful patterns on your baked goods for parties, weddings and gifts.

There are so many beautiful designs and sets to choose from such as damask, pearls, lattice, paisley, lace crochet, animal prints and so on.

You can use various mediums when using stencils such as royal icing, lustre dusts, chocolate, icing sugar or cocoa powder, and airbrushing.

When you are using a stencil with royal icing, simply place the stencil directly on the cake or onto rolled out modelling paste. Place dollops of royal icing to help hold the stencil in place, then spread the royal icing, using a scraper or pallet knife, evenly over the stencil. Gently pull off the stencil and you will be left with a beautiful design on your cake.

If you opt for using lustre dusts with stencils, place your stencil on a cake that has been freshly covered with sugarpaste, roll over the stencil with a rolling pin, smear white vegetable fat over the exposed pattern, then using a soft brush, dust with lustre dust. Stencils are amazing to use when airbrushing, and you can create stunning 3D effects by layering colours. They can also be used with chocolate and for simply dusting on a design using icing sugar or cocoa powder.

And if you love stencils, then you will definitely love the Stencil Wrap Kit. The kit will help you hold a stencil in place on a fondant covered cake without an extra pair of hands!

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