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Lucks have a great range of edible prints that can be wrapped around your cake. These strips of colourful decorative prints can be used to wrap around the side of the cake of course, but can also be cut and used in other unique ways anywhere on the cake. Prints look fabulous on buttercream, fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, fudge and ice cream cakes.

Also appropriate for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies, these designer sheets can be cut to designs or used as wallpapers on cakes. Each design varies in size and quantity to suit certain cake sizes. They are pre-printed with edible food colours that retain colour clarity and resist colour bleeding, even on high moisture applications. They are easily be applied and the edible image decorations absorb moisture from the food product and become soft, melding in with the food item and cutting easily.

Lucks designer prints are super quick and easy methods for transforming any cake in minutes. They are available in various patterns such as leopard print, zebra print, camouflage, spots, stripes, chequered, rainbow zigzag, flames, chandeliers, classic swirls, rock star and many more.

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