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Welcome to our Cake Decorating Hub!

Welcome to our Cake Decorating Hub, a great place to learn or improve your cake decorating basics. Whether you're a cake baking amateur or you want some birthday or wedding cake inspiration, you'll find plenty of hints, tips and tutorials in each of our guides to get you well on your way to making and decorating amazing; show-stopping cakes!

From solving all of your frosting problems to baking simple chocolate cakes, we're covering it all in our handy hub! Scales and utensils at the ready; it's time to bake!

Cake Decorating For Beginners 

For tips on all of the essential equipment to start decorating beautiful cakes at home, you need Cake Decorating For Beginners; a guide packed full of handy cake decorating dos and don'ts to help you create amazing cakes every time!

5 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays 

If you're creating a wow-factor birthday cake, you need 5 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays. Simple to decorate cakes that leave a lasting impression, from chocolate drip cakes to some seriously stylish cupcakes; the hardest part will be choosing your favourite!

Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

One for the chocolate lovers, our Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas guide will teach you how to bake a simple and delicious chocolate cake and provide you with some creative ideas for the decoration. 

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

If you're creating a beautiful wedding cake, then Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas is the guide for you! Packed full of cake fillings and the best, show-stopping toppings, frostings and decorations, get ready to give the happy couple the cake of their dreams!

What is Gum paste?

Learn everything you need to know about gum paste in our What is Gum Paste? guide. From top tips on tools to use with it, what to use it for and how to make stunning gum paste flowers, you'll be a gum paste pro in no time with our handy tips!

A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Frosting

If you don't know your royal icing from your fondant, you need A Beginner's Guide To Cake Frosting. Learn which frosting works best with which cakes and how to cover a cake in buttercream as we teach you some frosting basics.