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Chocolate Supplies

Our range of chocolate supplies will satisfy even the biggest of chocolate lovers amongst you, including moulds, transfers, modelling chocolate and ganache!

There are no limits with what you can do with chocolate, and here at The Cake Decorating Company we have the finest quality Belgian Chocolate and an array of accessories to allow you to indulge in your passion. Whether you are looking for acetate by the meter or by the roll, a gadget that makes fabulous chocolate curls or a chocolate melting pot, have a gander at our chocolate making accessories.

In our Chocolate & Melts section you will find the most divine couture Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut that comes in various sizes. You can choose from dark 55% cocoa content, milk 33.6% cocoa content, white 28% cocoa content, cappuccino, caramel, honey, lemon, orange and strawberry, which are all perfect for making handmade chocolates, truffles, ganache, etc. If it is convenience you are looking for then why not try Merckens Candy Melts, which are an easy melt, candy coating with no tempering needed. These are ideal for dipping cake pops and come in an assortment of colours and flavours such as butterscotch or peanut butter. We also have a variety of Wilton and PME candy melts available.

Chocolate transfer sheets are an excellent method of applying various designs and even colours onto your chocolate! Transfer sheets are an acetate sheet, printed onto with coloured cocoa butter. Simply melt your chocolate either into a mould and apply the transfer sheet, or directly onto the sheet itself, let it set, and peel the sheet away. The design will stay on the chocolate!

Achieve those beautiful sharp edge cakes that everyone is striving to achieve with a perfect undercoat of mouth watering Belgian chocolate ganache. If you have any leftover, just scoop it into little balls and roll in cocoa powder, nuts or dip in chocolate to impress your friends and family with homemade truffles!

Modelling chocolate is the new big thing in cake decorating. It is the perfect medium to work with as it is so forgiving, sets well and tastes amazing!

Our range of re-usable plastic and poly-carbonate moulds are perfect for creating professional looking chocolates, lollipops, bars, eggs, etc.