From Squires Kitchen and Dinkydoodle Designs, we’ve got the finest chocolate ganache for you to sample right here! In dark and white chocolate, we have ganache in handy pack sizes of 250g and 700g. An indulgent, silky-smooth textured combination of cream and chocolate, you can use chocolate ganache to cover and pipe or use as buttercream to fill your cakes, making our chocolate ganache suitable for swiss rolls, sponge cakes, cheesecakes, cupcake toppings and more! As versatile as it is delicious, add milk to ganache for a sauce or liqueur, rum or brandy for chocolate and truffle fillings. For a quick and easy solution to rich chocolate heaven, our chocolate ganache mixes only require you to simply add water and heat in the microwave, following the instructions provided to cool your ganache in the refrigerator until it reaches the right consistency for your requirements.
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