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The Cake Decorating Co A3 Edible Imaging Printer Starter Kit

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A3 Edible Imaging Printer - available with or without 12 month warranty.

This A3 Canon printer will print onto:
• Icing sheets
• Wafer paper
• Chocolate transfer sheets

The printer produces fast, photolab quality printing. It's sleek design will be unobtrusive in your cake studio, office or wherever you choose to print your edible images. It supports mobile printing and Apple AirPrint.

Kit Includes
• A3 Canon Printer
• Power cord
• Instructions
• 1 set of 5 XL refillable cartridges with edible inks

Please note, this printer does not come with software. We do, however, have templates that can be used with Microsoft Word and Publisher. Please contact for more information.

The edible inks conform to all EU standards. The printer has 5 ink cartridges as it has an extra large black cartridge reserved for only printing black and white, monochrome images. The second black cartridge is used when printing colour images. The extra large edible ink cartridges are capable of printing up to 80 A3 sheets.
The 5 cartridge system cuts wastage and prints more efficiently as with individual inks you only change the colour that has run out. 

Please note: USB cable NOT provided. This starter kit does not contain any edible icing sheets.

Disclaimer: This printer has been modified from manufacture, and using edible inks in this may invalidate the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The Cake Decorating Company substitutes regular printing inks for EU certified food-grade edible inks.

Printer Warranty
We offer the option to purchase a 12 month warranty from us at the time of printer purchase which includes:
• Technical support and troubleshooting
• Repair or replacement of your printer
(The warranty covers your device if it breaks through no fault of your own. We require that you use the brands of edible inks, wafer paper and icing sheets available from us as these are compatible with the printer).

This product is intended for small scale personal and business use.
We recommend you should regularly maintain your printer. Please refer to General Troubleshooting - Weekly Maintenance below with advice on how to do this.

General Troubleshooting - Printing

Nothing happens when I click print
Before printing you need to change where the printers paper source is - by default on an A4 printer, it is set to the cassette tray. To change this go to Printers or Devices and Printers in your control panel. Right-click your printer and select Printing Preferences, to the right of paper source select Rear Tray. Select apply and then OK to save these settings.

Streaks or lines across an image
Remove the cartridges from the printer and lightly shake, taking care to avoid any spills. Compete the Print Head Clean and Nozzle Check in the maintenance tab in the Printer settings. Please note you may need to perform the Print Head Clean and Nozzle Check a good few times before an improvement is noticed. 

Some colours are not printing properly or not at all
Check to see if the offending cartridge is empty or air-locked. To check, simply dab the open end of the cartridge with some paper towel, if the towel is saturated with the colour it should be fine. If there is hardly any colour on the paper towel then turn the cartridge upside down and pierce the hole above the sponge side of the cartridge.

Printing quality is poor
If possible, it is always recommended to print with a high resolution image. Check your print quality setting - standard or better quality tends to be the better settings. Fast is not recommended (beware that changing the print quality setting will use more ink). It is also recommended to change your printer media settings. Your page type should be Plain Paper and the print quality to High or Photo.

General Troubleshooting - Weekly Maintenance

Preventing printer head clogging
It is recommended to print at least once every week to ensure that Edible Ink doesn't dry into the printer head. You can also store your ink cartridges up-right with the orange clips that were originally on your cartridges. Putting some tape over the air hole just above the sponge may give your cartridges extra protection.

Printer head cleaning
It is recommended to clean through the printer's own maintenance settings. You can access these by right-clicking on the printer on your computer (this is usually in control panel under printers or devices and printers) and selecting printing preferences. Select the Maintenance tab; here you will be presented with quite a few essential maintenance options. To clean the printer head you can perform a standard clean (eliminates lines and smudges) or a deep clean (this setting uses quite a bit of ink but can perform a more thorough clean).

Refilling Edible Ink Cartridges
1. Put on some latex gloves as the ink may stain. 
2. Fill up your syringe with some of the ink (it doesn't matter how much as you can always place the extra back into the bottle). 
3. Take your cartridge and take out the plug situated near the front of the cartridge, keep up-right. Place your thumb over the bottom opening of the cartridge. 
4. Fill through the exposed hole about 3 1/4 full. Replace the plug, remove your thumb and allow the ink to pass through into the sponge (the ink level may drop at this point). 
5. Allow the cartridge to stand on some tissue paper whilst the ink settles down.

To move onto another colour, rinse the syringe with water a few times and repeat the steps. It is recommended that ink cartridges are not refilled more than 3 times as you may experience poor quality printing.

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