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Make Your Own Molds are a range of extraordinary products created by the incredibly talented Chef Dominic Palazzolo.

Coming in parts, silicone plastique is a food grade silicone that simply requires mixing equal parts of each and then kneading until combined. Then, press the object you would like to make a mould from into the silicone plastique and leave to set for an hour at room temperature. You then have your very own mould to use with any of the following edible mediiums;

Chocolate, Hard Candy, Butter, Ice Cream, Fudge, Fondant, Ice, Gelatine, Marzipan, Candy Clay, Gum Paste, Royal Icing, Gummy Bears, Poured Sugar, Pastillage, Nougat, Cheese, Pate, Tallow, Edible Cake Decorations and more.

Silicone Plastique can also be used to make your own moulds for: Plaster, Artist Clay, Wax, Cement, Casting Resins, Polymer Clay, Melt and Pour Soap, Low Melt Metals, Precious Metal Clay, Candles, Hot and Cold Processed Soap, Hot Melt Glue, and more.

There are several kits to choose from along with other amazing products such as CopyFlex, a food grade, liquid silicone rubber, was designed specifically for mould making.

Beer bottle, Champagne bottle and Champagne glass making kits are available for creating remarkable replicas made entirely from sugar. The moulds are suitable for when making cakes for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, graduations and work parties, as well as for use in theatrical productions and practical jokes too!