Martellato are an Italian manufacturer of a whole range of high quality moulds for bakeries, pastry shops, catering businesses and ice cream shops.

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Their quality polycarbonate chocolate moulds are used across the world by professional chocolatiers and home bakers alike. They are simple to work with, easy to turn out and to clean, and are also unbreakable and give your chocolates an outstanding professional glossiness!

Giving friends and family beautiful homemade chocolates is always a winner; from Martellato’s variety of polycarbonate and regular food grade plastic chocolate moulds, you’ll find the perfect moulds for reuse time and time again.

We sell a range of fabulous Martellato Easter moulds to choose from in designs of eggs, adorable goslings, hens to extra-large egg moulds.

For the more advanced chocolatier, why not try the stunning Lotus Flower mould. This mould is the perfect balance between quality and strength, and the flexibility of the plastic makes it easier to remove the petals. Simply fill the mould with chocolate to the edges, rap on the table and leave for a few minutes. Empty the mould of any excess chocolate and let the mould dry keeping it bent inwards. Finally after the chocolate is crystallized, remove the petals by grabbing the extremities. Use the base mould in the same way then attach your flowers using a hot knife.