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Sweetwise bring us THE MAT. This is the only food safe vinyl fondant mat available! This patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this Food Safe tool to make a Fondant cake and get professional results instantly!

There are some notable differences than most non-food safe mats currently available: THE MAT has a matte finish which makes storage and first time use easier, it has less elasticity and as such will not bend out of shape and it is made from 13.5 gauge food-safe vinyl which makes it far more durable. THE MAT can withstand temperatures up-to 120degreesF (48.88degreesC) without distorting the material.

THE MAT is made with soybean oil and other food safe components that are listed as food safe in Code of Federal Regulations. Similar plastic or vinyl products are petroleum based and contain phthalates that are used as a plasticizer. Both are known to create health problems and concentrations of these can build in the body over time. Most, if not all similar plastic products are made in China and use petroleum oil and contain phthalates and heavy metals like mercury and lead. If you unroll similar plastic products and smell the plastic, you’ll smell a strong chemical or petroleum order. If you smell THE MAT in comparison, you’ll notice a nice clean smell similar to plastic food wraps.

Why not try The King Pin when using THE MAT. It weighs a mega 3kg and does most of the work for you! It is ideal for Arthritis sufferers and promotes less stress on your wrists.