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Baking Equipment & Cake Decorating Tools

Cover, roll and craft truly eye catching cake designs with moulds and onlays, before crafting beautiful decorations with veiners, cutters, knives and smoothers and subsequently embellishing with stamps, stencils, sugar floristry, airbrushing and piping for your desired design. Complete your cake with our selection of baking equipment by structuring your cake with dowels, pillars and cake levellers.

Baking Equipment Uk

Roll thinner than you previously thought possible with THE MAT from Sweetwise, a  product exclusive to us that allows you to roll sugarpaste as thin as you require, with no holes! Complement The Mat with the incredible KingPin, a rolling pin fit for decorating royalty designed for smoother sugarpaste. The KingPin will ease the strain of large area rolling on the hands and wrists.

Practise your skills and invest in a reusable displayable asset with our diverse range of polystyrene dummies, available up to 14 inches and in as many shapes as you could hope for!

Cake Decorating Tools

Whether you decorate your way with Make Your Own Mould (MYOM) or incorporate classic designs with Marvelous Molds, our exclusive range of onlays and moulds ensure that you can make your dream invention a reality. Using simple to use Silicone Plastique that moulds to your hearts desire, ensure that you really own your cake by investing in moulds capable of true originality, suitable for chocolate, candy, fondant and more.

Go floristry frenzy with veiners and cutters manufactured by reputable brands such as First Impressions and Petal Crafts and renowned for implementing meticulous, almost astounding detail into your bakes, crafting intricate patterns to your will.

Finally, add those all important delicate tones and shades to provide an exemplary style and presentation to your baking with The Cake Decorating Company’s very own Dinkydoodle airbrushing stencils, machines and DVD tutorials.