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Cake Turntables

Stack, cover and decorate your cakes evenly and with ease using a turntable. Used by professionals and beginners alike, a cake decorating turntable is a must have tool for all your cake needs.

With the extra height a turntable gives, you will be closer and more on a level with your cakes making it easier for you to work without having to bend down to your cakes. Access to 360 degrees of your cake allows you to move your cake to the part you need, instead of you having to move around your cake. Being able to safely turn your cake will also reduce any damage or mishaps to your creation while decorating it. The smooth revolving motion of your turntable will help you to create super sharp edges or an even and smooth cover on your cake.

Tilting turntables are even available for better access to the sides of your cake, perfect for hand painting on your cakes or adding extra decorative details. Want to decorate your cake and be able to present it instantly to your family, friends or customers? Why not use the 2-in-1 revolving cake stand turntable ideal for decoration and presentation!

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