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chocolate cake decorating ideas 03/05/2022

Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

If you’ve got a real chocolate lover in your life, then there’s no better birthday gift to give them than a perfectly decorated chocolate cake. At The Cake Decorating Company, we’ve rounded up the best chocolate birthday cake ideas and pulled them together into this helpful guide so that you can have chocolate-filled success with every bake! Using the simplest of techniques, we want to help even the most amateur of bakers create show-stopping chocolate cakes. What’s the easiest way to make a chocolate cake? There are a multitude of... Read More

pink frosted birthday cake with sprinkles 03/05/2022

5 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas For Birthdays

Want to make a birthday cake for a special person in your life? Don’t let your lack of cake decorating confidence get in your way of creating a masterpiece. At The Cake Decorating Company, we want everyone to feel like birthday cake baking heroes, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 5 simple birthday cake ideas. With easy to follow instructions on how to achieve each design, our simple cake decorating ideas will make you feel like a cake decorating pro! The hardest part will be choosing which style... Read More

mini cupcakes with blue icing 03/05/2022

A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Frosting

Do you know your cream cheese frosting from your buttercream and your Royal Icing from your fondant? Whether an amateur baker or cake baking professional, it’s important to choose the right frosting or icing to finish off your cakes that will complement their flavour, leaving a lasting visual impact too. At The Cake Decorating Company, we want to make your decorating experience super easy, so we’re breaking down the main types of icing and frosting in our handy guide so that you’re guaranteed a perfect finish. Get ready for show-stopping... Read More

cake decorating for beginners 03/05/2022

Cake Decorating for Beginners

Whether sealed with buttercream or finished with chocolate ganache, an exquisitely decorated birthday cake can provide the perfect centrepiece for any special occasion. But what if you’re the one that has to do the decorating? At The Cake Decorating Company, we understand that producing a flawlessly decorated cake can be a daunting task for any amateur baker. That’s why we’ve pulled together our handy cake decorating guide for beginners, to offer the best cake decorating tips and to answer all of those difficult decorating questions, hopefully guaranteeing a flawless finish... Read More

wedding cake with bride and groom topper 03/05/2022

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

One of the most important cakes you’ll ever bake, choose or decorate is a wedding cake! Whether you’re baking your own cake on a budget, baking a special cake for your favourite couple’s big day, or simply looking for some inspiration, our Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas guide is the perfect place to help you decide which cake is right for the occasion. From a little bit of cake history to all of our top tips on choosing the perfect filling, frosting and some easy wedding cake decorating tips along the... Read More


How To Use Backdrops For Cakes

Transform your cakes into photographed masterpieces with such a simple but effective addition to your photoshoots. Using a backdrop to take photos of your cakes provides a professional finish and helps build a diverse portfolio of great looking cakes that you can show off to the world, whether that’s to potential customers, family and friends, or your cakey followers on social media. What Are Backdrops? Backdrops are printed vinyl backgrounds that can be placed behind your cake to produce a professional-looking photo. How To Use A Backdrop for Cakes We... Read More


What Is E171?

From colourings to food flavourings, many people are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients that make up their food – and rightfully so! Whether you’re on the look-out for allergens or embracing veganism, it’s important to be doing your label-checking when it comes to filling your cupboards. It’s especially concerning when a common ingredient such as E171 has been deemed unsafe, especially when you’re so used to seeing it listed on the ingredient declaration of so many different icings, chocolates, sprinkles, ice-creams, candies and more. But what exactly is E171?... Read More


How To Transport a Wedding Cake

Whether you’re planning to transport your wedding cake long distance or short distance, fully tiered or to-be-assembled, the thought of transporting our precious cakey cargo is a nerve-wracking thought and can go horribly wrong if we’re not fully prepared. So with wedding season creeping up, and warmer weather soon upon us, we asked some of our lovely cakey professionals for their top tips in getting their bakes from A to B! It’s All About The Base A sturdy base is absolutely vital when it comes to transporting your cakes. Opt... Read More


Perfect Chewy Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? Look no further. These cookies are the absolute pinnacle of perfection – buttery, rich, chewy on the outside and gooey on the inside – ideal for any family gathering, afternoon tea or weekend treat. This recipe makes 12 cookies, but can simply be doubled or tripled to cater for any occasion! Ingredients Needed: 150g melted butter 150g soft brown sugar 190g plain flour 1 large egg 1 extra egg yolk (optional) 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla extract 200g chocolate chips... Read More


What is the Difference Between Cake Boards and Drums?

The cake board is an essential piece of equipment in any cakey enthusiast’s baking arsenal, but with so many shapes, sizes, and materials available today, picking the right board for the right cake is super important. Not only does the right cake board support the structural integrity of your cake, it also gives it extra stability when transporting, and a professional-looking standard when it comes to presentation. When it comes to choosing the right cake board, the main difference comes down to the thickness of the board, as well as... Read More