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Katy Sue Dragon Moulds Collection

  We had to share one of our favourite latest additions to our website. Tell us, have you seen Katy Sue’s Dragon Mould Collection? Inspired by your favourite TV shows and films, the Dragon Fantasy Range of moulds are ideal for creating your own fantasy cakes. The new range includes Dragon Eyes, Dragon Claws and Dragon Skin. Each mould features stunning detail, allowing you to create a wide range of cakey masterpieces, whether it’s Game of Thrones inspired bakes, dinosaurs, lizards, snakes, or even the godzilla of cake. The only... Read More


Concrete Effect Board with Spectrum Flow

After creating your cake masterpiece and piling on the finishing touches, it would be a shame to present on a plain old cake board – especially when there’s so much opportunity to get creative! Create the ultimate sugarpaste design on your cake board, finishing off your cake to a professional and memorable standard, similar to this amazing concrete effect created by Ben Cullen, aka The Bake King. Using Spectrum Flow airbrush equipment and colours, it couldn’t be simpler to produce eye-catching and unique board designs. In fact, the only limit... Read More


DIY Edibles Diamond Gel

Get your bling on with DIY Diamond Gel and create edible diamond decorations for your cakes. Diamonds are a cake decorators best friend, and if you’re the kind of cake artist that likes to add some sparkle to your cakes, you’ll love our Diamond Gel Starter Kit! The kit includes a pot of diamond gel in your choice of colour, a pack of syringes and two diamond tray moulds – everything you need to bring glamour to your bakes. DIY Edibles really have gone the extra mile with revolutionary invention,... Read More


Cake Lace

  We’re fairly confident you’ve already tried your hand at cake lace, especially if you’re a cake artist with a taste for lacey wedding cake designs! But, just in case you haven’t, we’re here to let you know why cake lace is one of our biggest sellers – and why you’re missing out! With Cake Lace, you can create intricately detailed lace designs to stick to your cakes and tiers, creating the illusion of a fine lacey material. The detailing is amazing and it’s so easy to do.   How... Read More


Cupcake Bouquets

  Planning on giving the gift of cake? Our Bouquet Box Kits make perfect gifts for special occasions, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a ‘Thank You’ gift for a friend. It’s a way of presenting your delicious homemade cupcakes in a beautiful bouquet formation, and it’s so easy! The kit comes with everything* you need to pull it off! It also includes a blank card to write a personalised message to make it an extra special gift. The Kit Includes: 1 bouquet box (in your... Read More


Non-Slip Cake Boards

Choose from round, square and rectangular, then choose your size. We stock boards from 6” all the way to 20”, so we’ve got you covered for whatever sweet ideas you have in mind! The perfect combination of cake board and cake stand, these non-slip cake boards are ideal for presenting your cakes, no matter the occasion.  So, if you’ve got some special cakey events lined up this year, don’t settle for your typical silver drum boards – go one step further and present your cakes with an added dash of... Read More


Acrylic Ganache Plates

  Our ganache plates make it effortless to produce a ganache finish on any cake, it’s a must-have for cake artists and baking perfectionists alike. We’ve got a range of shapes and sizes available, including both square and round in sizes 4″ – 14″. We also offer complete sets, catering to any size and design you have in mind. These are super ideal if you have a ganache finish tiered wedding cake planned, or if ganache/buttercream coatings are a popular go-to for you. Each of our frames measure 3mm thick,... Read More


How to Redeem Cake Dec Coins!

    We love our customers and that’s why we choose to reward every order with Cake Dec Coins. Whenever you place an order with us through your Cake Decorating Company account, you will be rewarded with Cake Dec Coins which can be converted to your E-wallet. The more you spend, the more coins you earn! After you’ve converted your coins to your E-wallet, your total will be taken off your next order when you checkout! Easy! Or, if you’d prefer to save them for next time, you can choose... Read More


BRAND NEW Sticker Labels

  Add a personal touch to your cakes, cupcake boxes and treat bags with a simple sticker label. Designed by our in-house artist, these adorable sticker labels not only look great but also serve as super practical accessories, sticking your cake boxes and bags together for extra security. They’re a great little finishing touch for baked gifts. We have a variety of designs to choose from, including our ‘Handmade With Love’  and ‘Baked With Love’ range. Add them to homemade birthday cupcakes for a friend, family member or colleague, give them... Read More


Airbrushing Realistic Skin Tones

  Creating a flawless skin tone for your cake models and figures is no easy task, even for the most skilled cake decorators. Lucky for you though, Spectrum Flow has made this process a little easier with their Light Skin Tones Palette Set of airbrush colours. Now you can create realistic flesh tones with a quick spray of the airbrush. The Skin Tones set consists of six airbrush paints, that can be used to build up as a series of layers to produce a realistic and intricate skin tone effect.... Read More