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8 Creative Cake Decorating Trends you have to try


Feeling uninspired? We’ve got you! In this post, we want to share with you some of our favourite cake decorating trends of the moment. From perfectly imperfect fault lines to exciting flavours to watch out for, here are the techniques you have to try this year.


It seems to be a trend that never gets old, but unlike last year’s love for rose gold, we’re moving away towards more classic golds, silvers and copper – especially on wedding cake designs. From gold leaf-covered tiers, to the slightest hint of edible metallic dust, we’ll be seeing a lot of metallic themes throughout the year to come.

Cake by Ben The Cake Man


It seems that sprinkles have undergone a transformation over the last year, with a major advance in the overall appearance and production. It was already a craze in 2019, but we expect the love for sprinkles to sky-rocket in 2020, with a need for all things shiny, colourful and edible.

Cake by @the_sugar_alchemist

Fault Lines

Fault Lines made a big appearance in 2019, but with the new decade comes a new era.

It’s expected that these beautiful fault line effects are to become the new drip cakes, predicted to be a major player in 2020. The current rage is the addition of sprinkles within the fault line, adhered to the cake using clear piping gel or glue. The edges are typically complemented by some glamour, from edible metallic pearls to flakes of gold leaf.

This design is one of our favourites for the year; there are infinite possibilities to this and plenty of room to get creative.

Cake by @rococa.butter


Move over marble, there’s a new cake in town!

Typically, terrazzo is used for tiled flooring, walls or even kitchen surfaces. More recently, however, it’s been making an appearance on cake tiers – especially balanced out with gold lead tiers or plain coloured sugarpaste. It creates a beautifully dramatic effect, one we’re predicting to see a lot of in 2020.

Cake by @onemorebake


Foliage has been a part of cake decorating for some time, but there is constant change to the trend.  In 2020, ferns are replacing eucalyptus and gypsophila, making a stunning addition to naked wedding cakes, but also make a terrific finishing touch to glamorous sugarpaste designs.

Cake by Nine Cakes, Photo by Jen Huang

Geometric Structures

There’s no surprise here, especially after geometric patterns and textures took 2019 by storm. This year, however, there has been a slight shift to the trend, in which most artists are turning to the structure of the cake.  Look out for hexagonal shaped cake tiers, stands and bases.

Cake by @havesomecakeuk

Buttercream Painting

Simple but effective – there’s just something about embracing the messy.

By using a palette knife, you can paint on buttercream in a mixture of bright and vivid colours for a stunning artistic effect.

Cake by Scoota Baker, Photo by The Gathering.


New and unique flavours are on the horizon – especially for wedding cake orders, with more happy couples requesting exotic new flavours to surprise their guests with.

Different flavoured tiers and predicted to be a common occurrence, with flavours of Pistachio, Pink Rose, Prosecco, Lemon & Elderflower, Lime, – and even Earl Grey and Green Tea. All of which are definitely worthy of a taste-test if given the opportunity!

Photo by I Am Baker.