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A Quick and Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe


Sometimes all you want is the indulgent comfort of something chocolatey. No matter the time of year or occasion, a classic cupcake is an easy way to get that chocolate hit! And the best part? They’re not difficult to make! We’ll prove it, with our quick and easy chocolate cupcakes recipe.

While other baking trends will come and go, this is one cake that will never go out of style! So whether you’re baking with the kids or grandkids, prepping for a party with friends or just trying your hand at a new hobby, add this recipe to your favourites.

Ingredients – Quick and Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

  • 140g of all purpose flour
  • 40g of cocoa powder
  • 120g of caster sugar
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 90ml of whole milk
  • 120g unsalted butter
  • your choice of frosting/buttercream


  1. Heat your oven to 180C/160C fan while you’re getting you are working!
  2. Begin by lining a 12 cupcake tin with cupcake/baking cases.
  3. Combine your milk, eggs and vanilla extract.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine your flour, cocoa powder, butter and sugar. You can whisk this slowly together with either an electric or handheld mixer.
  5. Next add half of your milk and egg mixture into your bowl. Mix it all together on a higher speed, before slowly adding the other half of your liquid. Continue to mix until smooth.
  6. Fill up each of your cupcakes cases till they are about half or two thirds full. Distribute the mixture evenly.
  7. Bake your cupcakes for 20-25mins. You can test using a skewer – when they’re ready, a skewer inserted into the middle should come out clean.
  8. Leave your tray on a cooling rack for 5 minutes before removing your chocolate cupcakes.
  9. Once fully cooled, pipe your choice of chocolate buttercream or frosting on to the top! Check out our top tips for piping the perfect rose swirl in this post!
quick-and-easy-chocolate-cupcakes-recipe (1)

Finishing Touches

And to finish? Grab a scoop of your favourite sprinkles, or grate some chocolate, and pop on top of your frosting. It’s the little details that go a long way! And, let’s face it, it’s just good fun to spend a bit of time decorating…


And there you have it! A quick and easy chocolate cupcakes recipe, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth on the lookout for a chocolate hit.

If you try your hand at making your own, don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag #CakeDecFamous – we want to see your creations!

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