Acrylic Ganache Plates


Our ganache plates make it effortless to produce a ganache finish on any cake, it’s a must-have for cake artists and baking perfectionists alike.

We’ve got a range of shapes and sizes available, including both square and round in sizes 4″ – 14″. We also offer complete sets, catering to any size and design you have in mind. These are super ideal if you have a ganache finish tiered wedding cake planned, or if ganache/buttercream coatings are a popular go-to for you.

Each of our frames measure 3mm thick, professionally laser cut from 100% food safe acrylic, ensuring clean, crisp and accurate edges.

How do they work?

Our ganache plates are so simple, but so clever!

By placing a ganache plate on top of your cake, and one at the bottom, you can use them as a guide when smoothing ganache, buttercream and royal icing around the edges of your cakes, ensuring smooth, flawless results. It’s so easy, it’s literally a piece of cake!

When finished, your ganache plates can be removed, washed, and used again for future projects – a necessity for your baking tools collection.


Give them a try, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them!


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