Cake Masters Review of EeZee Dowels

This month we had the chance to try eeZee Dowels from The Cake Decorating Company.

eeZee Dowels are one of the strongest on the market and have been specially designed to feature a square shape to increase support for heavier cake tiers. To test the dowels, we decided to make a double-barrel celebration cake.

Once our cakes had been crumb coated in ganache, we took out the dowels and measured them against the bottom layer of cake. We really liked how easy these dowels were to work with, we were able to cut straight through them with standard kitchen scissors without any need for pipe cutters or additional tools.

The dowels pushed into the cake effortlessly without any distortion or movement. The cake was quickly and easily prepared for the next layer with minimal effort but maximum support! We added the next layer of cake and coated in a final layer of ganache, then left to set in the fridge for a couple of hours. After the cake had chilled, we removed from the fridge and was impressed to see zero signs of sinkage or movement in the cake.

Next, we decorated with pink sugarpaste, gold paint specks and a white chocolate cake drip. Adding sugarpaste to a cake can substantially increase the weight, but even after 24 hours, there still wasn’t any signs of movement! The cake was just as we left it the previous day!

One of the other fantastic features is the ability to add the round eeZee Dowels inside the square dowels to double the strength. Being smaller and compact in size, you can be sure that they’ll take up less space and leave more room for cake within the tier!

Overall, we could not be more impressed with eeZee Dowels from The Cake Decorating Company. They’re incredibly strong, pass straight through cake, are easy to cut, disposable or reusable, food safe, and allow you to stack up to four tiers of cake! Highly recommended!

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