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Everything you need to make Perfect Donuts!


Creating the perfect donuts involves a dash of creativity, and a few magic ingredients. From top tools to fantastic finishing touches, we’ve put together a list of everything you need! Whether you’re a beginner baker or not, these products will help you to quickly create the donuts of your dreams.

This iconic bake is ideal for birthday parties, gifts or as a treat for guests coming to visit. Whatever the occasion, with this list in hand you’re sure to be making a-dough-rable donuts in no time!

Everything you need to make Perfect Donuts…

Donut Mix


While seasoned bakers might have their own secret recipes, if you’re a beginner, you can’t go wrong with a mix! Products like the FunCakes Donut Mix are so handy to keep in the cupboard. All you need to add is water and olive oil!

With this mix, your donuts will be ready to decorate in less than an hour – and with no panic about measurements or ingredients. All you need to focus on is the fun part!

A Donut Pan


To get the shape of perfect donuts, a specially designed pan is a game-changer. Pro-baking brands like Wilton have you covered here! With different sizes available depending on how big you want your donuts to be, why not make a mix!

A selection of mini and standard sized donuts give you lots of opportunity to experiment when it comes to decorating. With a couple of these pans, you’ll have no trouble creating the iconic shape.

Icing and Icing Colourings


To ice or not to ice – that is the question! If you prefer a simple glazed donut, we understand why – it’s a classic! You can make your glaze with three simple ingredients – milk, confectioners sugar and vanilla extract. However, if your perfect donuts involve some icing, it’s a great opportunity to be creative!

Check out our post on Decorating Donuts with Jess from @4cake_sake to see how it’s done! Grab your favourite brand of icing colouring and experiment. Whether you go for a marbled effect, or a monochrome vibe, icing adds a beautiful pop of colour. You could even go wild and add some edible glitter or lustre dust for an extra glam finishing touch!



Who can resist some colourful sprinkles? Not us! We mean it when we say that no matter what your theme is, there’s a sprinkle for you. Your donuts will be finished off in style, whether it’s with cute shapes, hundreds and thousands or metallic rods. The hard part is narrowing down all the choices…

Play with different textures, sizes and colour combinations. And if you really want to double down on the perfect donuts theme, Happy Sprinkles have just the thing. The Donut Worry, Be Happy blend is adorable!

A Donut Box


After all the hard work of making your perfect donuts, the last step is presentation! Grab a donut box, complete with window, to show them off. This makes a beautiful present, ensuring whoever you gift them to will be suitably thrilled. You can even grab some cute stickers to add an extra polished finishing touch to your box!

We hope this list has helped inspire you… do-nut underestimate the power of the right baking products!

And you know how much we love to see your creations! Use the hashtag #CakeDecFamous when you upload photos of your perfect donuts. It makes our day!