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FAQ: Are Edible Ink Cartridges Truly Edible?


As a cake decorator, you’re probably already familiar with the diverse range of possibilities when it comes to edible ink, from edible marker pens to airbrush paints. But, are you fully aware of the dangers that could arise if you overlook your use of edible ink cartridges

To ensure our cartridge and printers are used correctly, and therefore safely, we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions, in order to aid you on your edible printing quests.

What are edible ink cartridges?

Edible ink cartridges work just like regular ink cartridges, except they – unlike regular printer ink – are safe for human consumption. You create or download an image onto your computer, and print off as many copies as you like onto special edible paper. Then you can cut out the designs with a craft knife or scissors. Our edible ink cartridges are completely edible and safe to use.

What kind of printer should I use?

Although special edible ink printers are available, you can use regular inkjet printers. HOWEVER, it cannot have ever been used with regular non-edible ink cartridges. Even if your printer has been fully cleaned since, there will still be traces of ink that can contaminate your new edible ink cartridges and cause ink poisoning. Invest in a separate inkjet printer to use as a dedicated edible image printer. It should be mentioned, also, that a premium edible ink printer, like ours, will provide a better quality print onto the icing sheet, with our food-safe promise, providing you with peace of mind 

What paper should I use?

Most people use edible icing sheets for their edible image prints. As the name suggests, these are thin layers of flavoured icing (typically vanilla, smoothed onto a plastic backing. Icing sheets feed through the printer just like normal paper would, and once printed, can be added straight onto your cake. Eventually, the icing melts into your cake, leaving just the image (edible ink behind). 

If the cartridges are compatible, does that mean it is edible?

No. Just because an ink cartridge is ‘compatible’ with your edible printer, does not mean your ink is edible. Edible printers are also capable of printing non-edible inks, so it is vital the two are not mixed up. 

If the ink is FDA Approved, does that mean it is edible?

Again, no. There is often some confusion about the ink itself being edible. Many companies may claim the ink is FDA approved, creating the impression that the ink is edible. Take care and read the description carefully. FDA Approved simply means that the agency has approved the ingredients used in the ink. It doesn’t suggest the ink is fit for consumption.

Are our inks edible?

We currently stock A3 and A4 printers, both of which are boxed brand new and suitable for edible image printing, and available with a 12-month warranty.  Also, all of our ink cartridges and refills are completely edible and listed with compatible printer models, so you can rest assured that your printed cake projects will always look their best, and be completely safe to eat.