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Faye Cahill Lustre Dusts: Colour Breakdown


Faye Cahill’s range of lustre dusts make for incredible finishing touches for various cake designs, specialising in soft blush pastel tones and shimmering metallic sheen. They’re perfect for adding some shine to wedding cake designs but also so many other occasions with a selection of 26 colours to choose from.

These lustre dusts can be applied to your cake by simply dusting with a brush in dry form, or can be mixed with alcohol, rejuvenator spirit or lemon extract to create a paint. The paint can even be diluted further and sprayed through an airbrush for instant pearlescent/metallic effects.

Allow us to introduce the range with a quick colour breakdown!


White Weddings


There are various shades of white and ivory tones to choose from so you can create the perfect look for any classic wedding theme as well as other cake designs.

Pearl White is the most basic shade of white and a common choice for cake artists. This shade is the perfect middle-man, not being too shiny or too dull. It also features a more silk look as opposed to satin, with a slight off-white finish. It’s a great choice for tinting with other pastel shades to create a unique delicate blend of colour.

Galaxy White is whiter and brighter with a touch of extra glitz and glam. It consists of microparticles which reflect in the light for a beautiful glittering effect. It’s perfect for adding an extra shine and highlighting those key features.

Ivory Champagne is the master of all ivory shades, with thanks to the gorgeous pale gold undertones. It’s a great shade for using as a base beneath white decorations and embellishments, creating a subtle but elegant contrast.

Nude Taupe is a step further and slightly darker than the ivory. As you’d expect, this lustre dust contains delicate brown tones which makes a great base colour if you’re wanting to create strong contrasts, It’s also the most neutral colour of the range, making it a versatile choice for endless cake themes and designs.

Mocha is a beautiful delicate cream shade with hints of underlying grey/brown tones. This is such a popular choice and elegant alternative to classic white wedding cake designs.

Creme Brulee features a delicate neutral cream tone – the perfect base colour for wedding cake tiers for a slight contrast to classic white.


‘Gold School’


You can never have too much gold lustre, especially when there are so many various shades to choose from. Gold lustre creates an instantly striking look for any cake design, but it’s definitely a major player in wedding cake decorating.

Shimmer Gold is a beautiful and delicate gold that shimmers gently in the light. It’s a good choice if you’re thinking of covering a whole tier without creating such a dramatic effect.

Signature Gold is strong, bold and worthy of creating a statement. This shade is great when used as a paint as it creates an effect similar to gold leaf. It’s also a superb paint for highlighting monograms, mouldings and other small details with some much-needed shine!

Regency Gold flaunts a rich and much warmer tone. Again, it’s a superb choice for painting, especially when coupled with some natural greenery and foliage for a much-loved summer esque style.

Royal Gold is a shade of gold fit for a king. It’s rich, bold, powerful and makes a grand statement on any cake. Paint tiers, highlight mouldings, or dust the tiniest details.



Yes, Way Rosé!


Rose Gold is a massive trend in the world of cake decorating right now, popping up as coloured drum boards, cake stands, edible paints, dusts, toppers and airbrush colours. It’s especially a popular choice for wedding designs, and so it makes perfect sense that there would be a few to choose from in this specialised range.

Rose Gold is the ultimate classic. It boasts an amazing effect when painted over a full tier, but it’s also an elegant touch for highlighting if you’re wanting less drama and more subtly.

Blush Rose Gold is a tad more delicate than your standard rose gold, with a touch more rose and a touch less gold. With stunning blush pink undertones, this dust creates an elegant and feminine touch to cake designs, catching the light beautifully.

Rose Quartz takes rose gold to a whole other level, incorporating some copper tones into the mix. It’s such a pretty shade and perfect if you’re looking for something slightly different than your standard rose gold or blush pinks.


Incredibly Understated Metallics


It doesn’t stop at gold, or even rose gold. There are so many more beautiful metallic shades to choose from in this grand range of lustre dusts, with a colour to suit every cake theme.

Platinum Silver is a classic silver that is perfect for highlighting and adding some shiny finishes. It’s also makes a beautiful paint to be used to cover whole tiers if you’re trying for a more dramatic look.

Flash Silver is softer and subtler for adding a slight ‘flash’ or shine to your cakes, without the darker metallic undertones of platinum silver.

Copper is such an understated metallic tones, not seen often enough in the world of cake decorating. It is, however, making a huge appearance in recent geometric and marble effect trends. This shade of copper depicts such warm and rich tones; it’s ideal for complementing floral designs as a paint, or to dust finer details.

Bronze is bold, dramatic and elegant. It’s perfect for covering cake tiers, or highlighting mouldings and decorations whether it’s a wedding cake or steampunk style.

Cool Bronze is a more minimal bronze with a muted tone. It depicts all the lovely rich bronze colouring with less of the metallic shine.

Graphite Black is trendy, stylish and versatile. Appropriately titled ‘Graphite Black’, this dust is less black but more of a dark and dramatic grey with a beautiful shine. This dust really creates a sight for sore eyes as it catches the light perfectly, whether it’s dusted, painted or sprayed.


Adding Subtle Colour


If you’re hoping to add some colour and vibrance to your cake designs, without overwhelming the delicate colour palette, this range of lustre dusts includes some stunning subtle pastel shades of colour, from Powder Pink to Pistachio.

Powder Pink is the ultimate shade of baby pink, creating a subtle blush tone. It’s great for painting whole cake tiers as a base for white decorative details. It also looks amazing when complemented with rose and ivory blooms.

Misty Blue is a stunning combination of silver and baby blue, resulting in a delicate misty blue that enhances various cake designs. It’s the perfect shade for weddings, christening and baby showers.

Dusty Lilac is a subtle mixture of silver with a hint of purple. With the right lighting, the lilac undertones truly dazzle and reflect. A beautiful choice for using as a base paint on wedding cake tiers.

Olive Green Leaf creates drama with the bold green tones and stunning metallic lustre shine. This lustre dust makes the perfect accompaniment to delicate sugar flowers, either by dusting onto the leaves, or using as a highlighter.

Pistachio is unique, eye-catching and perfect if you’re looking to create authentic wedding cakes with some originality. The gorgeous pistachio green tones complements so many colour schemes, whether you plan to use it as a base paint for tiers, or to highlight mouldings or sugar flowers.

Merlot is a gorgeous shade, as fine as the wine! It’s an elegant shade, mixing bronze with a hint of purple/red tones. A beautiful choice for painting or dusting finer details.

Sorbet is another popular dust for wedding designs. The delicate mix of pearl white with blush pink creates a beautifully faint addition of colour that works perfectly along various styles and themes. For a paint to cover tiers as a base colour, or dust sugar flower petals for elegant detailing.


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