How To Make A Halloween Lambeth Cake

Halloween is creeping up on us, (seasonal pun intended), meaning our cakey social feeds are about to be consumed by spooky bakes and horrifyingly delicious treats. We can’t wait!

But being one of our favourite times of the year, we’re jumping straight in with this fabulous Halloween cake by Liz from @loveisbakeable

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, any opportunity right?! Whether it’s baking with the kids, creating spooky cute cakes, or cake pops, we’ve got you covered with Halloween cake ideas with this easy Halloween cake tutorial. 

Liz used all products from our website to create this vintage style, gloriously gothic black cake using Lambeth style piping and delicious Swiss Meringue buttercream by Cake Cream. 

Liz has also been kind enough to share her step-by-step guide for recreating your own Halloween showstopper, including a video tutorial too. Look no further for the best Halloween cake ideas!

Products used:
6″ Crumb Coated Cake
Cake Cream (Midnight Black)
Off-set Spatula
7cm Round Cutter
9cm Round Cutter
Wilton Piping Tips (#4, #104 and #4B)
Sweet Stamp Dusting Brush
Sugarflair Lustre Dust (Antique Silver)
Marvelous Molds (Skull Cameo Mould)
Make A Wish Sprinkles (Orange, Purple, Green Sugar Rocks)


1. Make up Cake Cream according to package instructions and ice cake. User a scraper to smooth the buttercream.

2. Refrigerate until set.

3. Push some white fondant into the cameo mold and freeze for 5 mins. Unmold and brush over lustre. Repeat until you have 10 skulls. Set aside.

4. Cut off any excess buttercream at the top of the cake with a small knife. Then, mark the cake with the cutters.

5. Pipe buttercream using tip 4 on the upper drape.

6. Attach sprinkles.

7. In a rapid back and forth motion, pipe a ruffle on the lower drape using tip 104.

8. Use tip 4B to pipe 2 shells in between the top of the drapes and one shell underneath their centre.

9. Add cameo directly underneath.

10.Pipe a 4B border at the base and top of the cake and add sprinkles.

11. Add sprinkles over the top of the cake.

12. Add leftover skulls to the upper center of top drapes.


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