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How To Make Cakesicles

Cakesicles – a popsicle in cakey form – it’s the best of both worlds!

Cakesicles are all the rage right now in the cake decorating universe, and a fun twist on your regular cake pops. What’s not to love?

A great way to use leftover cake layers and frosting, cakesicles see that nothing goes to waste – and they’re so easy to make!

You Will Need:

Cakesicle Mould
Chocolate/Candy Melts
Cakesicle Sticks
Sprinkles (optional)
Gold Leaf (optional)

How To Make Cakesicles

First thing you’ll be needing is a silicone cakesicle mould. We have a bunch of different designs available here, including everything from classic popsicle shapes to love hearts and chocolate bar designs.

A silicone mould makes it super easy to get perfect cakesicles every time, because there’s no need to shape or roll the filling like you would with cake pops.

You’ll also want to get hold of some chocolate or candy melts, and some cakesicle sticks to complete the look.



  1. Melt your chocolate or candy melts in a microwave, continuing 15 second intervals until fully melted.
  2. Spoon or paint the chocolate into the silicone mould, making sure to coat the whole surface with a thin layer of chocolate.
  3. Place the mould in the freezer for 10 minutes until the chocolate sets.
  4. Break up your leftover cake and use your hands to mix it with buttercream. Compress the mixture until it holds together to form a cake pop mix.
  5. Remove the mould from the freezer, then press the mixture into each chocolate shell. Ensure it sits just below the surface level.
  6. Carefully insert the cakesicle sticks to they are secure in the mixture.
  7. Using the remaining chocolate or candy melts, pour over the mixture to coat and scrape away the excess with a palette knife.
  8. Return the mould to the freezer for another 10 minutes.
  9. Once set, carefully remove the cakesicles from the mould.

Decorating Your Cakesicles – Why Not Try?

Candy Melts

Opt for endlessly colourful designs with melted candy melts. Melt a handful of different colours and paint directly onto your cakesicle, or create drizzle effects with different colours.


Sprinkles are great for adding a bit of glitz to your designs. Attach them your cakesicle using some edible glue, or dip into your sprinkle tub while the chocolate is still sticky.

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf looks amazing on cakesicles. Dab it on with a dry brush to add some glamour.


Edible Dried Flowers/Petals

Add a sweet floral effect to your cakesicles with some dried flowers. Easy, simple, and so pretty.


Presentation Is Key

Now you’ve finished making and decorating your cakesicles, you might be wondering about how best to display them. If only there were cake boxes made specifically for cakesicles… oh wait, there are! Fitting cakesicles into cupcake boxes is not ideal, so check out these handy cakesicle boxes that fit your designs in perfectly.

Now all of your cakesicles can be a star in their own right, and can be presented to a beautifully professional standard. They’re also ideal for party favours and gifts!