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How to Make Easy Cake Pops using Donut Holes!

Don’t you just love a two-in-one bake? When baking for a special occasion, it’s great to be able to get two treats out of one batch of ingredients. In this post, we’re going to show you how to create a twist on a classic! Let’s explore how to make easy cake pops using donut holes!

This is the perfect way to level up your leftover dough and create a super cute extra for your treat table. With endless options for decorating, these donut cake pops will be the hit of the party!

Not sure where to begin? Donut worry, we’ve got you covered…


What you’ll need to make easy cake pops:



  1. If you want to start from scratch and haven’t bought pre-made donut holes, you’re in luck! To make your dough, follow our recipe in this post here – you want to follow it up until you’ve heated your oil, created your donut shape and cut out the holes in the middle! If you’re short on time and have bought a pre-made batch, skip to step 4!*
  2. Take the balls of dough you’ve cut out and place them into the heated oil. Donuts themselves will require around 45 seconds on each side – donut holes, however, will be done more quickly! Try turning them over after 25 seconds each side. Once they are golden, they are ready!
  3. Leave your donut holes to cool completely.
  4. *Melt your chocolate or candy melts, stirring to ensure you have a smooth consistency.
  5. Dip your cake pop sticks in your chocolate and allow to cool before inserting into your donuts!
  6. Now dip your donut balls into the melted chocolate, rolling to coat them completely and leaving to cool.
  7. Finally, get creative with your decorating! You could add a different colour to your melted white chocolate to drizzle on a contracting colour. Or add some more melted chocolate once the first layer has cooled and immediately add your sprinkles. With easy cake pops like this, this is the fun part – and the options are endless!

If you have extra time, you could even take it up a notch and decorate your cake pops to fit a theme! These adorable unicorn designs would be a lovely addition to a birthday party!

We hope you love these easy cake pops as much as we do! It’s such a fun way to use up your leftover donut dough, and make something unique! Show us your next cake pops by tagging us using the hashtag #cakedecfamous!

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