How To Use Backdrops For Cakes

Transform your cakes into photographed masterpieces with such a simple but effective addition to your photoshoots.

Using a backdrop to take photos of your cakes provides a professional finish and helps build a diverse portfolio of great looking cakes that you can show off to the world, whether that’s to potential customers, family and friends, or your cakey followers on social media.

What Are Backdrops?

Backdrops are printed vinyl backgrounds that can be placed behind your cake to produce a professional-looking photo.

How To Use A Backdrop for Cakes

We asked Manchester based Creative cake artist Sophie, AKA @thefoodrubiks to show us how she photographs her gorgeous creations.

To use, simply stick the backdrop to the wall using blue-tac, double sided tape, or masking tape. (If you’re worried about the paint on your wall, you could use a piece of card or thin board to stick your backdrop to!)

Gently fold the backdrop where the design divides, so the floor of the backdrop is on the table and the wall of the backdrop is against the wall.

Ensure the backdrop is flat, then place your cake in the centre of the backdrop. Once you have your cake in position, you’re ready to start taking photos.

How To Photograph Cupcakes

When it comes to using backdrops to show off your creations, there’s no limit to the cakey goods you can photograph. It’s all about the angle!

For cupcakes, all the magic is happening on top, so instead of taping your backdrop to the wall, simply lay it flat on a table or work surface and photograph from above. This technique also works great for other smaller treats like cookies, muffins, brownies, cakesicles, and more!

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is a durable material that can be used again and again for future cakey projects. It’s waterproof, light-resistant and doesn’t tear or rip easily making it very long-lasting and a cost-effective choice for sprucing up your cake photography!

Not only is it practical, vinyl also looks amazing. The printed colours boast an enhanced vibrancy, with a classy non-reflective matt finish. This means you get all the beautiful colours popping in your photos, without any of the glare from surrounding lights or flash photos.

What Size Backdrop Do I Need?

Getting the right size backdrop for yours cakes is a must! So make sure to take into account the angle of the photo you want to take, as well as the size of your cake. Your cake may sit on your backdrop comfortably, but when it comes to framing your photo from afar, visible edges of the backdrop could ruin the illusion! Make sure to leave plenty of space either side of your cake.

We offer three different sizes of backdrops so every cake masterpiece can be photographed in style.

Small (50cm x 33cm)

Ideal for smaller bakes like cupcakes, cookies, and muffins etc.

Medium (98cm x 65cm)

Ideal for approximately 8-12″ cakes up to 3 tiers.

Large (135cm x 90cm)

Ideal for bakes up to 22″ and up to 4-5 tiers. Perfect for weddings and larger events.

Top Tips

Cleaning Your Backdrop

Cakes can make for a messy photoshoot, that’s why it’s important to keep your backdrop clean to serve your cakey photography for years to come! If you find you’ve got cake crumbs left behind, sprinkles, chocolate, frosting or even edible paints and gels, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will fix your backdrop straight up.

Storing Your Backdrop

The easiest way to store your backdrops is to keep them in the tube it arrives in! Simply roll up your backdrop and slide back into the tube and store somewhere clean and dry. This prevents your backdrop from getting creased, bent or ripped – and ready to be used time and time again.

How To Get Rid of Creases

Very occasionally, you may get a slight crease or wrinkle in your backdrop, but this is nothing to worry about. Usually, by laying your backdrop print-side down and giving it a firm rub, the wrinkle will come out.

For more stubborn creases lay your backdrop on a flat surface, print-side down and place a damp towel over the top. With an iron on medium temperature (no steam) gently iron over the towel until the crease has been removed from the backdrop.

Where To Take Photos

The beauty of backdrops means you can take photos almost anywhere and the photo will always turn out great. It’s perfect if you’re a busy cake-maker with no designated photography studio space, as these photos can be taken in the kitchen, on a dining table, or even outside!

For the best photos, make sure there is a good amount of natural light, but position in a way there are no visible shadows, or other household items in view to ruin the illusion!

Choosing The Right Design

You’ve spent hours perfecting your cake masterpiece and put love and attention into every detail – now you want to capture the beauty of it in a photo. We got you!

Firstly, take note of your existing design, and think about the overall mood, tone and purpose you want to create with your photo. Consider complimentary colours and textures, or explore completely contrasting designs – there are so many possibilities!

For wedding cakes, why not enhance the glamour and elegance with a subtle pattern? We’re thinking sparkles and bokeh designs!

Photo Credit: @nadycakes

If you want to draw attention to certain details of your cake, why not opt for a colour that compliments the existing design? The colour co-ordination will draw eyes to the focal points of the cake and make an impactful statement.

Photo Credit:

If you want your cake to be the star of the show with no distraction, then a solid colour may be the way to go. Whether it’s plain white, black, a subtle baby pink, a solid colour directs all the attention to the cakey centrepiece. A great choice for portfolios!

Photo Credit: @sallymariecakes

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