Top Tips For Postable Success!

We’ve designed the perfect postable pod/cupcake box duo for sending your delicious homemade cupcakes in the post! So whether you’re baking a gift for a long-distance relative, or a sweet and sugary pick-me-for a friend, why not have it delivered straight to their front door?

Our Postable Cupcake Pods have been specially designed to protect your cupcakes in transit, but be sure to check out our top tips for some extra-added peace of mind!

Test Your Frosting

Make sure your frosting is secure to your cupcake. A good way to test this out is to hold your iced cupcake upside down (once dry) and give it a sharp shake. If the icing comes away, it’s possible this could happen in transit!

If in doubt, aim to keep frosting to a minimum. For example, a small buttercream rosette with a sugarpaste topper would travel much more safely than a large frosting swirl!

Make Your Cupcakes Bump-Proof!

For those wanting a little extra security, you could also add some shredded paper, tissue paper, or even some bubble wrap to pad out the gap between the insert and the roof of the box. This extra layer will help to absorb any shocks from knocks or bumps on its journey and keep your cupcakes safe.

Couriers Matter

Make sure you choose a good, well-respected courier you trust to deliver your cupcakes safe and sound.

Grab a Sharpie!

Mark the direction ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘’FRAGILE’ on the outside of your box, so the courier knows to be gentle with your cakey delivery!

Timing’s Everything!

Carefully consider when you choose to send your cupcakes. If you post them close to the weekend or just before a bank holiday, they may be left in a sorting facility for longer than expected. Plan ahead and consider an express delivery to make sure your cakes are as fresh as a daisy on arrival!

Check out our video for a quick demonstration on how to pack your cupcakes into your postable box!

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