What’s The Difference Between Sugarpaste, Modelling Paste, and Flower Paste?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, what is the difference between sugarpaste, modelling paste, and flower paste? And it’s a good question, especially if you’re just starting out your baking venture.

You’ll know that all three are super important for creating cakey masterpieces, but if you’re a little unsure about the specific differences, here’s a quick breakdown.


What is Sugarpaste?

Sugarpaste is the paste that is typically used to cover a cake. Stretchy, soft, and pliable, sugarpaste is rolled out and draped over your cake tier then cut to size and smoothed down to create a polished look.

Sugarpaste can also be used in moulds, as it is softer and fills in all the grooves very easily, and remains soft when placing on your cake. It’s great for using in simpress moulds to create effective textured tiers.

It’s not recommended for modelling, as sugarpaste dries softer than modelling paste or flower paste, meaning your models could droop and not set. It’s main purpose is to cover cakes for a smooth and flawless finish.

See a quick demonstration below from Studio8Cakes, using THE SUGAR PASTE™ to cover a 6″ dummy.

What is Flower Paste?

At first glance, flower paste looks a lot like sugarpaste – it’s soft, stretchy, dough-like and can be rolled thin. However, unlike sugarpaste, flower paste dries hard. This makes it ideal for moulding into shapes. And because it can be rolled super thin, it’s great for creating flowers (hence the name!) and other intricate decorations on your cakes.

As flower paste dries so hard, you should ideally leave any flower paste decorations to dry for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, they can droop at the crucial moment.

Usually, flower paste is used for delicate decorations that are not to be eaten. Although the paste is edible, it’s brittle to touch and hard when dried.

See below a quick demonstration from our friend Gerry at Studio8Cakes, showing you how to use THE FLOWER PASTE™ to create a beautiful sugar rose.

What is Modelling Paste?

Modelling paste is designed for… you got it, modelling work. It’s ideal for creating models, figures and also using in mould and cutters. It’s not quite as stretchy as florist paste, but takes longer to dry to provide more time for complex modelling projects.

Check out how The Bake King uses THE MODELLING PASTE™ to create The Crown Jewels!


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