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Squires Kitchen have been designing, manufacturing and selling cake decorating, home baking and sugarcraft products for over 25 years. They specialise in edible items such as food colourings, sugars and edible cake decorations. They also produce several magazines including ‘Cakes & Sugarcraft and Wedding Cakes a Design Source’.

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Squire’s sugar florist paste is very popular amongst sugar flower enthusiasts as it is very pliable so can be rolled paper-thin without it breaking, giving a perfectly smooth but tough finish. The sugar florist paste is available in a range of colours and sizes, and is perfect for creating exquisite sugar flowers and leaves.

Cocoform Modelling Chocolate is another great product from Squires Kitchen which is great for chocolate work. Cocoform is made with the finest Belgian chocolate and can be rolled, modelled and sculpted to make all kinds of coverings and decorations. It is available in milk, dark and white chocolate flavours, and has also become available in various other colours such as red, green and pink, making chocolate work truly exciting!

Squires Royal Icing mix is perfect for all applications, including cake covering, and decorative piping. This is formulated for ease of use, and excellent consistency. This high quality, pre-coloured icing is made with free-range egg whites, and the highest quality sugar cane.

Flexi Smoothers from Squires Kitchen are essential for creating sharp edges on your cakes. When using these you apply light pressure and gently run the two smoothers together around the top edge of the cake. You will notice a crisp edge starting to appear giving you a professional finish.

There are lots of other products from Squires Kitchen available such as paste colours, glucose syrup, pre-tempered isomalt in various colours, leaf gelatine, albumen, gum tragacanth, lustre dusts and so on.