20 Spooky Bakes To Recreate At Home

We know Halloween is all about the sweets and chocolate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. We’ve put together some of our favourite Halloween bakes to treat little ghouls this year, so you can recreate these spooky delights at home.

1. Marshmallow Cobwebs

Some cakey genius on the interwebs thought up the idea of melting marshmallows to use as cobwebs, and now it’s an on-trend Halloween cake MUST. Simply melt in the microwave, pop on some protective gloves and stretch around your already-iced cake for the ultimate web effect finish!

Image from ‘Sprinkle Bakes’

Image from ‘Sprinkle Bakes’


2. Zombie Unicorn

We all know unicorns are a massive theme right now, especially in the world of cake decorating, but who said unicorns can’t be incorporated into Halloween themes? Swap magical for spooky with this awesome Zombie Unicorn design, toning down icing colours with muted tones, pastel shades and blood splatters!

Image from ‘Creating with Nicole’


3. Braaaains

If you fancy yourself an airbrushing master like Extreme Cake Maker’s The Bake King, why not recreate this gory brain cake at home? This cake certainly makes for a thrilling masterpiece on any spooky buffet table! Create lobes with rolled out sugarpaste, and add the finishing touches with Spectrum Flow airbrush paints.


4. Drippy Blood Cake

What’s a Halloween cake without the blood? This simple but effective design makes for a killer cake (literally!). Cover your cake with white sugarpaste, and go nuts with red chocolate drip or opt for red gel colouring and corn syrup. Don’t forget to complete the look with a carving knife!

Image from ‘Candy Company’


5. Halloween Cakesicles

If you’re looking for something different to treat the little ghouls this year, why not opt for Halloween cakesicles? These are a fun twist on your traditional Halloween cupcake baking sessions, and the design possibilities are endless! Grab your cakesicle lolly sticks, cakesicle moulds, and all the supplies you’ll need for decorating on our website.

Image from ‘Good House Keeping’


6. A Literal Monster Mash

Halloween brownies are very much a thing, and this monster mash-up is great for sharing with family and friends. Better yet, it’s super fun to make and it can’t go wrong – perfect for letting little ghouls get busy in the kitchen too. Grab an easy peasy Brownie Mix and remember to add plenty of colour, edible eyes, and lots of sprinkles!

Image from ‘Buy This Cook That’


7. Poison Apple Cake

If you’re looking for simple for your Halloween centrepiece, you can’t go wrong with a spooky-looking Poison Apple cake. The black syrup or chocolate drip looks amazing alongside a classic vibrant green sugarpaste, and could even be topped off with some Halloween sprinkles for the perfect finishing touch!

Image from ‘Country Living’


8. Speaking of Apples…

Candy Apples are a must-have as the spooky season falls upon us, and the best part is there’s so many ways to get creative. Dip and glaze in rich caramel, then add Halloween-inspired icing designs, sprinkles, branch sticks, and more to complete the look.

Image from ‘Eazy Peazy Mealz’


9. Skeleton Gingerbread Men

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. As the cooler months approach, gingerbread is everyone’s go-to for a winter-warming dessert, and gingerbread men are a winner with the kiddies. Now gingerbread men can be a part of your Halloween dessert table, with this easy and effective design.

Image from ‘BuzzFeed’


10. Simply Sprinkles

It’s an unwritten law that sprinkles are a cupcake must-have, but that doesn’t mean your cakes should be forgotten about! Colourful Halloween sprinkles look amazing against a simple black frosted cake, allowing those vibrant Halloween greens, oranges and purples to steal the show. Add straight to your buttercream and frosting, or add clear piping gel or edible glue to sugarpaste finishes with the same effect!

Image from ‘Sprinkle Pop Shop’


11. Halloween Stripes

Make the most of classic Halloween colour themes, and add unique twists with textures and patterns. Simple black and white stripes make a great base and can be achieved super easy with Evil Cake Genius’ Two Tone Stripe Contour Combs – and made to look even more Halloween-esque with vibrant chocolate drips.

Image from ‘Cake Decorating Tutorials’


12. Halloween Layers

Add those classic Halloween colours to the inside of your cake as well as out, by colouring each layer or tier with a different colour. It’s super easy to do with the Wilton Easy Layers Pan Set, and can be used for so many different designs.

Image from ‘Cookie Dough & Oven Mitt’


13. Dark Halloween Cookies

These cookies are super simple but add a true Halloween vibe to any dessert tables. Bake up a storm with a simple Chocolate Cookie Mix, then add colourful smarties – whether it’s just orange, green, purple or a mixture of all three!

Image from ‘Simply Happy Foodie’


14. Monster Cupcakes

Grass piping tips now have even more uses – including Monster Cupcakes. Create fun textures and creepy Halloween characters by adding a simple twist to your piping skills. Don’t forget to finish off with the perfect baking cases and edible eyes!

Image from ‘Eazy Peazy Mealz’


15. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

For Halloween treats involving a big green monster with bolts in the neck, these Rice Krispie treats are super cute! They’re also easy to make. Mix up your treats as normal, add a tiny drop of green food colouring, then decorate with black icing and edible eyes. You could even dunk in melted chocolate or candy melts to create the hair, or decorate with chocolate drips.

Image from ‘Flour On My Fingers’


16. Halloween Cake Pops
The ultimate must-have for Halloween party-goers or trick-or-treaters, these Halloween cake pops are super cute, tasty, and perfect for lifting your Halloween spirits! Grab some cake pop sticks, dunk your pop into melted candy melts, add edible eyes or other icing decorations and recreate cute pumpkin characters, mummies, witches, eyeballs, skulls – anything spooky or fangtastic!

Image from ‘Pop Sugar’


17. Witch, Please
Who said ice-cream cones should be limited to ice-cream? Kids love sugar cones, and they also happen to look like Witch Hats when coated in black edible paint and coupled with spooky Halloween coloured icing and cupcake cases.

Image from ‘Hostess With The Mostess’


18. Cookie Monsters
Halloween cookies are essential for the holiday, so make sure to stock up on Halloween cookie cutters, whether you’re creating scary pumpkins, spooky ghosts, flying bats, skulls, or black cats.

Image from ‘PunchBowl’


19. Donut Forget About These!
You can’t deny that donuts are a crowd favourite, and an awesome dessert that can be catered to any occasion – even Halloween! Add your choice of glaze, then decorate with spooky designs and creepy detailing with icing tubes. Spider webs work a treat too!

Image from ‘Glaminati’


20. A Piz-za Cake!

Chocolate pizzas are a hit right now, uniting both pizza lovers and cakey enthusiasts. And we’re seeing a lot of Halloween pizzas popping up all over the interwebs. Purchase or bake your very own Chocolate Pizza, then add plenty of Halloween décor to creep it real. Think sprinkles, drizzles, sugar toppers, and even a pizza box to fit your cake perfectly.

Image from ‘Pillsbury Baking’

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