How To Decorate A Lambeth Cake

The Lambeth method dates back to the 1930s, named after Joseph Lambeth who was known for championing this ornate style of cake decorating. But despite the methods being almost 100 years old, many of today’s social-media savvy bakers are breathing life into these old-school techniques!

That’s right, Lambeth cakes are IN, and there’s no sign of them going anywhere!

What is a Lambeth Cake?

Lambeth cakes use a royal icing over-piping technique to create intricate depth using lots of layers of icing. Often referred to as ‘overpiping’, it’s easy to see why with the dramatic but elegant end results of overlapping scrolls, details and garlands.

If you’re still unfamiliar, or are looking to try out your first ever Lambeth cake, here’s a super easy to follow tutorial from baking duo @meetcutecakes_

Jen and Amber have been kind enough to create a step-by-step guide with all the products she used so you can recreate at home.

Products Used

Vanilla Frosting (900g)
Squires Kitchen Professional Royal Icing
Choctastique Stainless Steel Scraper (Medium)
Oneway Premium Piping Bags
Colour Mill (Baby Pink & Lavender)
No #22 Open Star Piping Tip
PME Fine Tooth Open Star #362 Piping Tip


1. Mix 3 drops of Colour Mill’s Baby Pink colouring into 600g of vanilla frosting.

2. Beat the frosting on a medium speed for 5 minutes until the frosting has a silk consistency.

3. Roughly cover your cake with the pink icing, then smooth over the edges using a scraper. Top Tip: apply extra pressure where the heart meets the middle to ensure a define heart shape.

4. Mix 2 drops of Colour Mill’s Lavender colouring with 300g of vanilla frosting to create a pretty pastel purple for piping.

5. Using a #22 open star nozzle tip, pipe the top and bottom frills.

6. Using a cutter or other round tool, carefully marked out where your draped frills are going to sit.

7. Using the #362 fine tooth open star nozzle, carefully pipe your draped frills, and also the inner piping on top of the cake.

8. Decorate with cherries, sprinkles, and any other decorative pieces you fancy!

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